I’m a makeup artist MOM with a background in skin care and a degree in fashion design! I love all things beauty and art and am so obsessed with skin!! As a former MAC girl I am a certified artist with hands on experience with all ranges of makeup from “no makeup makeup” to full drag.

I LOVE WHAT I DO. I love making the person on the receiving end of that brush feel GOOD as heck when I’m done with them. My theory and practice when it comes to makeup is … just because you’re wearing makeup doesn’t mean you have to look or feel like a crazy version of yourself.

On the level of beauty makeup, I focus on skin and enhancing the natural facial features. Makeup to me is truly an artistic expression. I am experienced in most aspect of beauty and editorial makeup but am constantly educating myself and updating my practices.

I am always excited to make my clients feel prettier and equally excited to educate on the proper way to execute makeup. Makeup, Fashion and Creativity are my passion. I’m excited to work together and do whatever you throw at me, so let’s make magic!


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